Graham cookeAs part of my study with School of Transformation I was able to attend a couple of days with Graham Cooke as the main speaker. Being during the week, I know many can’t attend, so I felt to pop down some thoughts that he communicated during the conference. My pen couldn’t keep up with the wonder that my mind, heart and Spirit was being inspired by. I wasn’t able to fully get word for word many of the things, but the heart of what he was saying is there. I hope they inspire, encourage, challenge and clarify things for you too.

Graham is someone who is well worth checking out, in terms of intimacy with the Father, his testimony is amazing and his journey at his conversion inspiring! He is out of the box and I am sooooo glad about that!

  • With God, something got finished before it started.
  • Our old self was crucified with Jesus.
  • Jesus died not just for us, but AS us.
  • consider yourselves dead to sin, but alive to God!
  • A life based on behaviour modification is futile.
  • Old man and New man thinking. The old man is the one that died when Jesus died. The new man is the one that exists now and the one which came to life when Jesus rose.
  • Old man thinking – is sin focused mindset
  • Ask the question when a situation arises – which self is talking? If it is possibility focused or asking the questions What does God want to be for me in this?  then it’s the new man, sin focused or What am I not?’s the Old man.
  • Jesus is the evidence of old self dying
  • Jesus was punished 100% for us, we don’t need to be punished in this world. We can’t be judge/punished in this world, because Jesus has been judged/punished as us.
  • Rather than focusing upon a feeling – eg. I am full of anxiety….New mindset says “Father, I want to become more aware of your peace in this place.”
  • All the negatives point to something positive. It’s all designed to point to something new.
  • What if we lived like this!!!! WOWWWWEEEE!!!!
  • God doesn’t see what’s wrong with me, He see’s what’s missing from our relationship with one another!
  • example…If I struggle with FEAR…begin to understand perfect love. When I understand perfect love, I will have NO FEAR. So God is teaching me about His perfect love for me, so that I understand and KNOW what perfect Love looks and feels like.
  • Repentance….Often we repent about the old man from the old man, God is looking on saying “That guy died years ago”… Instead pray in repentance like this “Father, you gave me an opportunity to practice peace. I mucked it up this time. Please give me another opportunity to step up into your peace next time.
  • God ALWAYS calls us up, not OUT!!!
  • Fruit of the Spirit reflect just part of God’s nature.
  • God wants to show me who I AM.
  • What if every negative thought was an opportunity to  for an upgrade…..
  • Upgrades are not levels as such, because when we accept Jesus, we receive everything at that very moment – there levels to success with God. Only revelations/upgrades to how He sees us, how we see others through His eyes and How we see and relate to God.
  • At each new level, there are things to be freed from. Always learning, always growing, all the while drawing closer to God.
  • There is always a CHOICE.
  • The Kingdom prizes peace, rather than anxiety.
  • Old man is geared for overwhelmed
  • New man is geared for Overcoming.
  • God will call me up, never coming down to old man levels.
  • God gives a gift to the new, then the old pops up so that the new can be accepted and embraced.
  • God ALWAYS DOES SOMETHING FIRST. Only God can love 100%, God loves me 100%, so that He is loved 100%
  • What God wants from me, He intends giving me!!!! Wow!!! (sure takes the striving out!)
  • 1 Cor 8:6
  • When you come to the place where the struggle has ended, now we get to look forward to everything.
  • Pentecost: 2 best questions ever asked: What does this mean? What am I to do? These should be out questions of life circumstance too.
  • What Jesus has done, the Father will never undo.
  • Freedom is coming out from under that. – Freely you have received, freely I give.
  • Every gift has a habit attached to my development.
  • Col 3 Set you minds on things above. Kingdom mindsets.
  • Pick up the culture of the Kingdom, rather than the culture of the earth.
  • We are only dealing with possibilities.
  • My identity is the key issue, rather than my behaviour.

All these ideas are quoted directly or paraphrased from Graham and each one continues to inspire my heart to dig deeper into the things of God. I find His relationship with God so encouraging and filled with life – which reflects the kind of friendship I want for myself with Father God. Graham isn’t God, but he does have some very excellent ways of thinking. Check out his site and you tube clips if you haven’t already.

God bless you this week.