Obviously this isn’t the only way to keep your peace.

This was written during the height of the covid crisis in 2020.

I would encourage you with these practical tips as well:

  1. Spend time getting to know God for yourself. Intimacy builds trust, which builds faith in the One who IS peace Himself.

2. Change what you can change, pray and release the rest.

3. Commit to the journey. Not right, wrong, good or bad, what if this current situation was a wave….can you ride it out, looking for how God is wanting to connect with you on it? I’ve found peace often as I reframe my circumstance. From victim to surfer!

3. You’ve overcome so many other times where peace sought to evade you, this time is no different. Rest assured, life is full of peace stealing times – taking time to assess and process, can help in awareness of what is stealing the peace, what invades it, what themes or commonalities comes that seek to hide it from you. There IS HOPE!!!

4. Worship – sing, dance, however you worship God – until you are aware of peace…And when you are aware that it is in hiding, think back upon these worship times and regain it once more. Or better still, have some more time with God in worship. He can’t help but release His peace, when we are in HIs presence.

5. Peace can be taken hostage, or given away – are either of these happening? If so, take steps to reestablish the pace and tone you need…..take that peace back.

6. Peace can be lost amid the busyness of life – would culling help declutter the busy, in order to reveal the peace?

7. Ask yourself, what you would like to be able to say when this is all over? Then take steps towards it.

8. Ask God what HIs truth about it is. Does He see it as I do? Often it’s very different, and a WHOLE lot better, that’s for sure.

9. Spend some time resting with God, even if it is for 5 minutes a day. That 5 minutes will be the best investment of your day. And when you become aware of peace being absent, close your eyes – ask God for an awareness of His peace (which is already in you) then wait for it…..

God bless you precious one, He is near. Peace comes with Him. You are going to be ok. xxxxx