Fulfilling relationships contain the basic ingredients:





Love….lol…..thought I was going to do C’s all the way.

I have recently been challenged that my relationship with God requires all of these things, but one was missing.

With human relationships it is imperative that we work at it.

To be completely honest with you, with God it has been a little different for me.

Yes, I work at our relationship…….but it as it involved the King and Creator of the Universe, something different has come in and I don’t want it to change.

When I asked God what is was, He said to me “Keep it fresh”.

This was a bit weird, but sounded like fun too.

With God, there isn’t a formula.

As soon as I feel comfortable in one area.

As soon as I am confident in one area…..something often changes.

God is not desiring out comfort or our happiness….but He does love to open our world a little more to greater revelation of Him and His abundance within US!!!