I sat watching a mother and baby magpie this morning. I couldn’t help myself. I was journaling with God and this almighty great squawking rose up before me. The mother bird strutted around the front yard, picking up tidbits from the grass. The baby bird followed a few steps behind, wherever she went.

Occasionally, the baby bird would begin saying (ie. screaming at the top of her lungs) she needed something and the mother would deposit the partly digested worm or bug into the mouth of the bird.

The baby as it followed would be pecking at the ground by itself, following the mother, but after doing this for a time, would begin once again crying out for food.

Holy Spirit highlighted them to me. “Ask me what I want to show you about them?”

So I did….and here is what came.

  1. The baby followed the same steps that she saw the mother walking. She went all over the place, but the baby knew without any doubt, that she was ok, if she did only what mother did. The steps that had been walked, had been walked by the one she trusted most.
  2. Baby bird endeavoured to feed itself, and it did ok for a time….but soon realised that nothing compared to the sumptuous meal the mother had prepared. Perfect for the baby in ever possible way. Healthy, safe, exactly the right texture for its digestive maturity.
  3. The baby didn’t curl up and die, when she was hungry – she cried out to her mother of her need.
  4. The mother heard the cries of her baby and tended to her needs.
  5. Over time, the independence of the baby will grow as she is taught by the mother, how to walk as she walks. Learning all about the safety, the rights and wrongs of being a magpie in this big old world.

It was highlighted to me, that is exactly how I should be in many respects.

  1. Walk in the steps that God shows me, not being overwhelmed by all that is outside of that parameter.
  2. God has a sumptuous meal prepared for me. As I call out to Him. His words, His food are perfect for me at any given time or circumstance.Anything I could try to feed myself with, pales in comparison.
  3. God desires for me to learn about how to eat healthily in spiritual ways. He does desire relationship with me, so I don’t need to cry out occasionally, but to speak and listen daily with the one who cares for me best. I shouldn’t lose hope from within my current state, but call out to my best friend….Jesus.
  4. As I cry out, God doesn’t disappoint me – He tends to me, as He knows I need.
  5. He wants me to grow in my faith. Just as the baby bird will not always rely upon the mother for feeding, He desires that I continue to grow in Him. Learning His ways and strategies. Not staying in the same place or stage, but moving on….to greater things with and in Him.

I am thankful for the lessons of the magpie. They are a fascinating bird and have challenged me today, to continue to speak to my maker. To walk in His shadow, not being overwhelmed by all that is around me and to trust Him with whatever makes my heart cry out today.

Heavenly Father,

You consistently wow me through your stunning creation.

I never thought a magpie could teach me something, but you have used them this morning to encourage me.

Thankyou for the cycles and rhythms of your creation.

Thankyou that they reflect much of your heart for me in this life.

I want to walk with you in the steps you have put before me, not veering to the left or the right, but remaining on track with your path.

Thankyou for alway being available to me.

tTankyou for always knowing the right thing to do or say to me.

Thankyou for tending to me in beautiful ways.

Thankyou for it all.

Continue to guide me precious Father. Help me walk in the shadow of your wings, in Jesus name.

Amen. xxxxx