Placeholder ImageOur culture screams more, more, more to all of us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our homes need to be like display homes, our calendars need to be full to the brim, our lives are to be filled with every gadget or piece of technology (which truth be told, often creates angst and takes more time than if we were to just let it go)

I was and am challenged to ask the question, why am I doing what I am doing? Is this going to bring health to my bones or take what little energy I find myself with?

As you read this next line, let it just sit with you for a while. Live mentally with the idea of actually doing and notice the change that occurs within. If it’s peaceful, then it’s probably right.

This is how I endeavour to allow God to guide what is good for me and my home. Conversation goes a little like this….

“God, I have been invited to an afternoon tea, should I go?”

Then I just sit and be open to hearing or sensing a response from Daddy God.

For me, if peace comes, then I know that it’s a goer.

If I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I try to let it go.

The idea of letting social niceties go, seems atrocious and rude on some levels.

The reality is that my health is closely linked to what I feed it. If I am overtired, overwhelmed or just over it, then often when I cull things, get back to basics – my health and mindsets will improve.

Take it for a test spin…let something go.

It might be as simple as not spending a whole day cleaning a home that is basically clean. It might be setting aside a day or two during the week without excuse. Nothing touches those days.

This creates wiggle room in your week and mentally & physically a sabbath day or days to recoup from what you have been working on during the week. (and that might be simply getting up, having a shower and eating) there’s a time for every season, give yourself permission to not be or do what the world expects of you, or you of yourself.

Give yourself permission to just be for a while, be refreshed, let go of the extras in your life. You will literally feel the lungs filling with air again, as you release the extras from your life. Go for it!