20170730_083340.jpgThis past week God has filled my heart sooooooo big, that I have literally felt like I am unable to contain all the encouragement He has given me.

For the past few years I have been tossing the idea around – where are my people?

You know, the ones who hold the same passion for the same things.

I have fairly recently discovered that the thing I love to do best, is to encourage people and ask God for some revelation about how He sees them.

In the Christian world, this is sometimes called Prophecy.

God has supernaturally and divinely brought me on a journey that I can scarcely take it all in.

Last year He brought me to a place to do some study.

A few months ago I studied under a speaker who mentioned a Facebook group for prophetic interpretation and dreaming – based in America.

I started following this group and it’s beautiful like hearted people.

Now, a month or so on, I feel as if I have finally found a group where I can bring who I am – and be fully embraced and released to speak life – and for it to make difference in peoples lives.

This past week I have been involved in a Prophetic thread, where we got to practice giving words to people I didn’t know at all. And I LOVED it!!!!!

So my heart was feeling pretty great already….but then I’ve had most people contact me and encourage me so much – that I barely know what to do with all of it.

I was never any good at accepting attention, then I had to become really good at accepting help through being crook for a few years.

Now I find myself overwhelmed with blessings, encouragements and I feel like God has blown any bad thing I ever thought about my ability to hear, really hear Him – out of the water.

I am excited and nervous about what the future holds in terms of where God will have me and what I’ll be doing. But…..for this time being, I am thankful……oh….did I forget to mention I am truly THANKFUL to a God who created me and then showed me where I can be in my element, doing something that I love doing, which aligns with my design and heartbeat – which blesses others – and in turn encourages my own socks off!!!!!

This is PURE GOD POETRY and I don’t want it to end.

Thankyou Father,

Thankyou for creating each of us with a unique and beautiful design.

Thankyou for creating places, people and things that we can use our passion and our design to bless and love others.

I pray you would show the reader exactly

1. What is special about them

2. What they are passionate about (what gives, rather than takes energy)

3. Bring them to a place, idea, person, group where they feel like you have brought number 1 & 2 together – so that in 3 – they can look to you (like I am now) and say

“Lord, I never knew life could be this good. I never knew where I fit. I never knew that there were people who “got” me. Thankyou for blessing me well beyond any expectation I have ever had. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.” xxxxx