This post is following on from the last….

A snippet of what God showed me from within pain.

I felt to share with those of you who are walking through tough, is something He showed me about His response to our pain.

It encouraged me greatly and I hope it does you too.

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In the story of Mary and Martha, Jesus didn’t hurry back when he heard the news of Lazarus’ death. (John 11)

When he finally did arrive, Mary said, “had you been here, Lazarus never would have died.” So grieved, so upset, so real…She was devastated that her beloved brother was dead.

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And to be honest, we can all remain there in that space, sometimes for years!!!

Never moving on from the accusing truth of that statement.
I found myself feeling the same thing – Had you been there, it never would’ve happened, I would’ve been protected, I wouldn’t have felt such grief, I would not have gone through such pain. Where were You???


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Thankfully as God has highlighted this story for me, He revealed He didn’t desire for me to remain there. I saw He hadn’t caused the pain, but was willing to use it for my and other’s good. (Hopefully there is someone out there reading this who is being encouraged right now..good from pain…)

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I felt His truth about pain:

He wants to heal our pain. He wants to comfort us within it and bring good from all that was sent to knock us off the path.

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Jesus himself wept with these precious women, he saw and felt their pain. He didn’t ignore it or just tell them to move on, get over it, toughen up, or question – where’s your faith?

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He had such great compassion for them.

Oh what a God! One who loves us within pain, despite it…this is such a stunning picture of His great love for us.

I envision Him coming alongside Mary and Martha and grieving with them – even though He KNEW what was to happen moments later…..what a tender, loving and compassionate God.

Jesus, coming towards us, towards pain. Jesus, willing to come down into the ditches with us, yes sometimes to draw us out, but always to love us through the darkness and bring light from within it.


I was particularly drawn to the end of this conversation between the women and Jesus.
Martha rushed out to meet Jesus, telling Him that although He could have prevented Lazarus death, even now she had HOPE from within her heartache. She knew Jesus had no limitation when it came to God’s plan for life.

She acknowledged the situation but made space for and invited in God’s viewpoint and plan, through Jesus. 

I am so inspired by the amazing faith of this woman.

Lord, when hardship and pain hits, help me to respond from the heart like this!

Oh Lord,

Thankyou for loving me.

Thankyou for meeting me in pain.

Thankyou that you don’t rush me, even when the answer can be moments away.

THankyou for comforting me for grieving with me but also bringing with you a seed of hope to invest in me.

The very fact that you are with me plants something within, and I am so grateful for it.

Thankyou for pain, for without it, I’m unsure how much growth would occur.

Father let me heart be drawn towards you instead of away when pain comes.

Allow my eyes to see your plans and purposes.

allow my ears to hear your words of comfort.

Allow my body to feel the hope growing even from within the pain.

Allow my heart to remain soft and tender to the things of You.

Lord I don’t wish to remain in pain any longer than is necessary.

I acknowledge you don’t bring pain but I trust that you have a purpose for it.

THankyou that you Love me too much to allow me to remain in brokenness.

I trust Your timing in bringing up the pains of my past, at exactly the time that you know is best for healing to occur.

I trust that You have  me in the process.

Thankyou for being my rock, my place that never moves or shakes or is broken…but One who is steady and remains ever close to the brokenhearted. 

Thankyou for being the One place that is 100% safe, secure and loving.

Allow us all to experience and be aware of a measure of this precious Father today. 

In Jesus powerful and compassionate name.

Amen. xxxxx

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