palm tree

A few weeks ago I got some heavy duty prayer ministry. I had waited about a year to get in to spend the day with a delightful bunch of older women. It was a time of great blessing, dealing with generational curses and embracing the blessings that Jesus had for me. What a gift!

There are probably many differences that will occur in the times to come because of that morning, but there are a couple that I wanted to testify to today.

The weekend after the prayer ministry my hubby went away for a 5 day period. Traditionally when my hubby goes away, my health tends to spiral and for anyone who has walked with me on my journey, they see the effect of his absence on my heart. I used to feel quite grieved.

……..Well….PRAISE GOD….because when hubby went away on his trip, I was ok.

In fact I was more than ok, my body and heart responded “normally”. Sure I missed him, but I wasn’t completely bereaved….I had some simple fun with our kids and was surprised how quickly the time went. I felt quite surprised when he turned up 5 days later, like it had only been moments.

I can only say how thankful I am to be freed from this unhealthy 18 year habit of the heart.  I am so incredibly thankful for God’s goodness to me in this way.

Praise God for times such as these.

The other testimony I have to share, is one that happened at the end of the prayer ministry.

One of the women was a seer, which (I am learning) basically means, she sees things in the Spirit realm. She sees angels, objects and things God desires to convey to us. At the end of the time together she saw 2 angels bring in some presents for me.

The first had a huge palm tree. The second angel brought in 2 cedars of Lebanon.

To be completely honest with you, at the time I thought, that’s a bit weird!

How are they fitting in this room,?

What do trees have to do with anything and even had the thought – those angels must be really very strong……..

But now, it’s amazing how God is using the mighty palm and cedars to speak to me.

palm trees

On a recent trip to Queensland, I couldn’t help but notice all the palm trees and they seemed to convey a tone, a message of resting to my Spirit. Just by looking at them, I felt they were investing something into me that was so deep and healing. Each time I reflect upon the  palm, I experience the same feeling, I felt in QLD. It has become a way for God to bring my soul into alignment with His Spirit within me. I am so grateful for this key to stepping into peace with Him.

I have also studied a little about the palm and God has spoken to me through that as well.

Palms are : Upright, Fruitful, Beautiful, has great elasticity in life. The bark is quite rough, but the leaves free flowing, lush and green. “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree,”  (Psalm 92:12)

The Cedars of Lebanon        cedar of lebanon

Despite having to live in harsh terrain, these trees thrive and produce durable and prized timber, valuable oils and resins.

I have to ask the questions: What is God saying to me? What does He want to say through these gifts? Does the picture symbolise something else? What can I learn from this about my relationship with God?

If I find myself being drawn to something in particular, I am discovering it is good to ask God what is He doing? Just as God speaks to me through these trees, He has also done it through many other things also. When something out of the ordinary happens, God often speaks through it!!!

As we become aware of the things around us, we become more aware of ways God is speaking to us!

Psalm 92:12

But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.

I read this passage in Psalm 92 this morning and it has touched my heart so deeply.  I have decided to claim this promise for my life. (and please feel free to claim this for yourself if you feel led)

I declare that:

I will flourish like palm trees

I will grow in victory, standing with strength!

I have been transplanted into your heavenly courtyard

Where I thrive before you.

In your presence I will still overflow and be anointed,


I will bear luscious fruit and have abiding faith.

You will listen to my Father as I still proclaim;

You’re so good! You’re my beautiful Strength!

You’ve NEVER made a mistake with me!

(personalised version of Psalm 92 taken from the passion translation.)

For those who prefer a different version, but the same heart, here’s another from the NLT.

I will flourish like a palm tree,

I will grow like a cedar of Lebanon;

I am planted in the house of the Lord,

I will flourish in your courts our God.

I will still bear fruit in old age and will stay fresh and green,

proclaiming, “The Lord is upright; He is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in Him.”

Be blessed precious one.

You are a delight to God.

He has given you many testimonies for you to share.

Treasure and speak about the very things that God has done and is doing in YOU ~ it will encourage others and will establish something within you that is MIGHTY for God!!!