CD27F8F1-651D-4A87-81C8-73648636C708He’s RESTORING COLOUR BACK TO LIFE!


It’s autumn here in Australia and we have planted a number of beautiful deciduous trees on the property.

As I stumbled up the steps toward the house, this leaf was at the base of one. I bent down to pick it up and immediately my heart was taken with the watercolour effect of it.

I sensed Father saying to me, “I’m bringing back your colour in life.”

Why is this significant to me you might wonder?

The previous day I spent some glorious time with multiple people throughout it, and basically overdid it.

Standing at my kitchen bench, I felt the room closing in, my hand went weak and numb, and my face began to go hot and cold, all of it’s own accord. As I wobbled into the bathroom I noticed the colour of my face. It was white……….

…..colourless you might say.

This told me I needed some blood pressure increase and fast….Lol.

I laugh now, but at the time it wasn’t such a great feeling. When the Father showed me the beauty of the leaf, the way the washed out greens had become almost sickly looking, He highlighted the pinks, which spread from the heart of the leaf.


They seemed to go along the veins – recolouring the weakly looking parts. What a delight!!!!

This single leaf has given me hope today…not because of yesterday, but because of the fact that it reflects the heart of our loving Father.

He LOVES to redeem things.

Broken things.

Tired things.

Sickly things.

Worn out things.

Heartbroken things.

Frightened things.

Anxious things.

Whatever your thing, He wills to redeem it.

I say this as much to myself as well as you.



I love that God says He will conclude, consummate, finalise, finish, PERFECT, accomplish, achieve, bring about, carry out, abide by, make good on-ALL that is in direct opposition to these things, to the very nature of God. Just in case you don’t believe me, check these out.

Romans 8:28 KJV And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Phil 2:13 NLT For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. 

Psalm 30…the whole thing,,”You lifted me out of the depths…you healed me….I will never be shaken!”

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This is great news readers!!!!  I try to hold on to these truths daily, the word is FILLED with the story/truth of God’s redemptive nature.

A good line of questioning for me when I find myself affronted with circumstances, struggles that challenge my view of the goodness of God……

When am I willing to trust Him?….only in the good?

Will I choose to trust Him now?

Will I be satisfied – with the times where my humanity has won out and I’ve succumbed to fear? (This decision has given me nothing but more of the same, it’s a place that seeks to only take more, and is never satisfied.)


– where I’ve chosen to have Faith despite the circumstance, these times are the very ones where God has revealed His goodness to me from within it all. The circumstance might remain, but I am different as a result.

Just for the record, even when I have chosen poorly, He has still redeemed things….

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When will I trust Him?

When life looks exactly as I want it too?

Only when I can have one hand on the wheel of control?

or at ALL TIMES, despite what comes?

Oh Father,

thankyou for having the resource, insight and ability to recolour my world.

Thankyou for being a kind, loving and generous Father, one who shows the most powerful truths through the smallest of things.

Your creation sings redemption to me.

At every turn you encourage me and show me your life giving and restoring ways. Let these truths of Your goodness land within my heart and remain.  

Lord, keep me soft to You and Your ways.

Much love and watching with great anticipation how you plan to recolour life. amen. xxxxx