Rush rush rush

Scurry scurry scurry

Time for a breath. 

Meet Stretch Armstrong.

See the source image

As a kid, I saw and marveled at his stretchability. The way within seconds his knotted, stretched, pliable body was restored back to normal,

I watched in awe, as the television ads revealed children delighting, putting him into knots, pulling, throwing, and stretching him without limits.

I put him on my list this year. (lol…I’ll let you know how I go.)

I look forward to testing out the things I saw as a child.

I want to see if what they said was true.

Which got me thinking…

The truth is – we all have limits.

None of us are Stretch Armstrongs.

During busy seasons, I have felt a LOT like him – pulled in different opposing directions.

Feeling never enough. 

Giving my all, but it never was enough. 

I gave too much a month ago. I was stretched in too many directions and my body let me know, it WAS NOT happy.
In response, I decided to hermit, retreating and blessing body with the rest it needed.

I said no – to most. 

I said no – to rushing about. Shopping like mad. Racing my kids about to various optional extras.

We said no….

And the very occasional yes.

I said no – to the pressure of the season.

I said yes to so much in the past, that the very reason for it is lost.

I said no to people-pleasing, societal pressure and committed to simply be.

As the registers ping, crowds swell and frustration grows in many – to step away for a moment and breathe… is there any better thing?
Reclaiming peace. 
I’ve tried to drink more of life in, and only actioning upon His gentle prompt. 
I’ve allowed my calendar to try and reflect His heart priorities.

My body needed rest and I said YES to it.

Saying to others, “Thankyou, but no.”

I shooped off guilt, shame, and the disappointment of others (even though my servy self still wanted to help) and chose peace. 

and it’s been bliss…

Consider this your permission slip to simply be, before Him.

To rest. 

To suck the marrow out of life. 

To stop and smell the roses.

To play a game, have a leisurely no agenda coffee,
Sit in the warm sand and listen to the waves roll in. 
Feed some ducks. Watch some ants. Follow a butterfly just because.

It’s time to ‘Welcome in wonder.’

It’s time for wonder to be reinstated in the season FILLED with WONDER!

Stretch Armstrong is resilient, but by the look on his face – he’s not enjoying being pulled in every direction and I would suggest

neither do we.

Take a break precious one.

Plan some agendaless time and refresh.

You deserve it.

Your body will be blessed by it.

And your spirit will fly as a result.

Connect with the One who has a perfect flow of rest and activity, designed, just for you!

Taking the time to discover this rhythm WILL be the best investment of your life precious one.

You are worth it!


Bless my sweet friend with all things good.

Let their body be healed and renewed.

Let their mind be freshened and given clarity.

Let their heart be tended to and restored.

Let there be a rediscovery of Wonder and Awe.

Let their life be marked by unshakable peace and hope in this season of wonder.

Let the pulling and pushing, striving and straining release – let the knots unfold and their entire being restore.

Bless them with the courage to choose what is best, rather than what the world says is good.

Bless them with LIFE and LIFE to the full precious Father.

Let them dare to dream again!!!

Look out world, sweet friend, your healthy self is being unleashed and you’re back in the saddle again.

Riding as you were destined to.

Whether it be walking, meandering, racing, or trotting. Enjoy the ride dear one.

There is so much to be thankful for at this time. It can start with saying no to those things which truly don’t matter,

and saying yes to the things that do.

God bless you and yours this Christmas.

Karen xxxxx