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I’ve been challenged recently with this idea…..that we are all connected.

As God loves His church, we too are called to love one another.

This is no mean feat, because we are human beings with journeys, stresses, circumstances going on outside of a Sunday.

Last July my family and I went on a river cruise. The riverboat captain pointed out a myriad of information, much of which went through to the keeper, but one point has stuck with me, and still impacts me to this day.

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Before I tell you what he shared,  I want to give you a picture of the church…think of us like a large tree or bush, all interwoven, connected to the same trunk, root system and water source.

When one is under duress, whether we like it or not, we too, can sometimes feel that something is struggling within our plant health.

When a branch is creating new life and growing new plants, the whole bush feels it, and is blessed by it…(I’m thinking of all those precious new cherubs who have been born recently. So good!)

When the sun is out or whether it is raining, all leaves are impacted by those same elements.

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Now, back to the captain.

He shared with us, that with a particular type of mangrove plant, the roots draw from the water below, which can contain salt water.

We learned that on each small tree or shrub there was a single yellow leaf, called “The sacrificial leaf”….my ears pricked up instantly. This single leaf would take on the salt of the tree, in order to allow the other leaves to maintain good health.

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My point is, Jesus is our sacrificial leaf…..He did this selfless act, that we might have personal access to God…that we no longer needed to live under things, but could rise above them.

How do these two elements of loving one another and the sacrificial leaf relate?

What are we doing within the community, the church, the tribe to celebrate, to encourage, to lift up…..are we taking onboard the salt of the world ourselves? (I cannot tell you how true this has been of me.. taking on the salt of others, sometimes beyond what God had called me to)

What do we speak out?Is it edifying? Does it cheer others on? What are you bringing to the table for others?

God’s given you a purpose and a plan, He’s placed you here for a reason….despite what you might be going through, you have something to bring to the table….and the most beautiful thing of all…He gave it to you Himself to bless His church which He loves…. which includes You!!! Lol. God poetry in motion.  Love it!