dancing-yellow We went to church this morning and it was an absolute delight to my soul. As we worshiped and felt Holy Spirit expand our faiths, our hope, our hearts heights…..I noticed a girl in a little yellow dress dance down the centre of the aisle.

Blonde curls bouncing with delight.

I would describe her heart as a little bit of sunshine that brought absolute joy to whoever she met. (now her parents may not agree with me, but at least this morning, she was a picture of something so much larger to me.)

There was something about this ray of dancing light…she was….well……hmmmm…. radiant…… she represented all that I personally hoped to be, before God.

She came and went. Freely and lightly.

And as she did, I became acutely aware that it was a prophetic picture of what God wanted from me personally….from us all.

As we all worshiped and lifted up God as a community of believers…I saw this little lemon bundle of (about 4 year old) joy, come to the front.. she skipped forward happily.

I felt like God was saying – Come to me without inhibitions.”

I saw her return to the front on at least 4 occasions, and with each time, I felt my heart lift to an even greater level of joy in the Father. She kept coming and going.

“The more you come to me, the greater confidence you have to come to me.”

I sensed God impress upon me,  that the way to meet with Him was always open – I was the one who came and went – not He.

I sensed Him sayI am always here and always available.”

I was entranced as she fearlessly approached the large stage and stand before the stage, just her….spinning before Daddy God….carefree and so entirely lovely. It brought a few tears to my eyes I can tell you.

I sensed God challenge me to “Come and dance before me in freedom and joy! Be inspired by ones such as these.”

I couldn’t help but be encouraged to worship with greater freedom and just get caught up in who God is. And the truth that He is worthy of all of any praise I have within me….ALL of it…..and All of me.

For some time now, I have been looking at my own kids and occasionally at the preciousness of others – knowing that God wanted me to walk in their ways.

Not childish ways, but childlike.

I have often said to my kids, your prayers are so powerful.

They would ask me “Why?”

I responded, “Jesus told the kids to come to him, because He loved their ways the best.”

If you like me, can envision the little lady in the lemon dress running, strolling, skipping up to the front to meet with Daddy God.

To have a dance with Him. To twirl and spin as if the joy He placed within her needed to come out in some form, to be expressed before Him.

Take special note of the kids, watch their ways and how they run to the Father.

Then go and do the same! I certainly will be endeavouring to turn back to my childlike faith before Him. It has been a true delight to rediscover the wonder!

If you on any measure are inspired by her or your own children and their faiths, feel free to pray this prayer along with me and then go and walk in JOY!


Precious Father,

Thankyou that you love the kids the best.

Thankyou for loving their innocent ways, their purity, their freedom in being themselves before you.

Thankyou for giving me this picture of how you want me to be.

You see me as this every day, but I am not always aligned with this.

Daddy…I long to run to you as freely as that little lemon burst of joy ran to you.

With fullness of acceptance and worth. Like any good daughter runs to her good Dad.

She never fears that He’ll turn her away, but leaps up to His lap and snuggled in, telling Him all about her day and listening to His response.

I sense you are about to embrace us all in fresh new ways and I for one, am open to what you wish to lavish upon me. I don’t want to miss a thing Father.

Thankyou for the token moments in life, that are relatively small, but mean BIG things spiritually.

Father, soften my heart where hurts have hardened my courage to approach you in this way.

Heal the wounds that have been created by others’ harsh words or life circumstances, so that I am fearless whenever I choose to meet or listen to your promptings.

Help me to care more about what you think , than anybody else around me….because it is then, that I’ll be loving them and you the best.

Father, increase the joy with me so much, that I can’t help but spread it all over the place.

Use the overflow of you, within me, to lift, to inspire, to touch, to care, to love, to encourage, to whatever Father!!! The sky is the limit with you….and beyond that too. lol.

Bless you Heavenly Father for the kids of the world.

Bless them precious Dad….bless them so that they will continue in your ways of truth, love and worship.

Help them to teach us, and keep our hearts tender to the times when you are showing us beautiful & important life skills.

Help me to remember to put on my yellow dress for you, to shine, to twirl, to dance, to sing, to be carefree and full of all that you are to me.

Thankyou soooooo much, you and your ways are precious and so valuable to me Father. I don’t want to miss a moment with you. Let me RUN to you often throughout my day and always with open heart, mind and arms…running towards you and your love for me. Amen. xxxxx