Well…I’ve just come back out of hermit mode (the past 3 weeks) recovering from an intense,  desert time.

I had a doctor appt at 3:15pm.

Hubby called to check what time I needed to be picked up and it was only at this moment-as I checked my calendar and saw I’d written 2:15…..

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“hmmmm…is it possible to get the picked up and driven 20 minutes away in under 10???” I decided not to panic and just let the doc know that if it was meant to be, it would be.

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It was then that I began to ponder that would be, my first Uber experience.

I truly had been dreading it.

All the unknowns:

1. Who I might end up with.

2. Having chemical sensitivities at times, would the car or driver bring me to fainting by their perfumes etc…

3. The idea of being stuck in a car of negative talk or dark spiritual elements didn’t appeal on any level.

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So I’d avoided it these past 7 years…but now my hand was forced.

Again,  panic wasn’t an option,  there was no time for thinking-it was booked as all the previous concerns were thrown into God’s hands.

I needn’t have worried, because God was on the case for me… knowing I was still a little raw, knowing I needed some building up-He sent an angel in the form of my first uber driver,  Narelle.

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As soon as I met her,  I just knew there was something about her….(so as I do.. and can’t help myself) I began chatting about how thankful I was that God had given me a female driver….

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This piqued her interest and she asked some clarifying questions… finally sharing with me that she was also a Christian.

My heart flew at this provision and covering.

As we continued to yap, we soon realised that we also attended neighboring churches….. and not only that-her and her hubby were pastoring a church!!

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You cannot make this stuff up!!!! God is so incredible in His provision.

I’d heard great things about their church and what God was doing,  over the past 18months, as various people shared with me of their positive encounter there.  So, I passed on some of those encouragements to her. About all the things I’d been hearing since they started and affirm her in their heart for God.

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We had a big deep and meaningful along the way. It’s funny how knowing you’ve got limited time cuts the rubbish out of conversation and what you’re   left with is gold.

As with most rich conversations like this,  it was mutually encouraging and naturally beneficial on both sides. I hope.

No surprise that I’d begun praying 2 weeks ago for people (with similar hearts to mine) to be highlighted by Him! And Narelle was one such person. Thankyou Lord.

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And to top it off, they were on the lookout for someone for  possible future signage….(that happens to be our business and my hubby’s specialty.  Lol.)

Tally check for this afternoon…

Caught my first Uber            CHECK

Female driver                          CHECK

Safe driver                              CHECK

Positive conversation            CHECK

No smells or perfumes          CHECK

Pass on encouragement

to Pastors I’d heard about from

“Random” people                   CHECK

God melding a need and a provision in signage contact                       CHECK

Watching God deal with each concern, because He cares                   CHECK

God turning submitted fears to Him and turning them around           CHECK

On time to the doctors, wowee….


What a gift!

What refreshment it is when God sends His people to encourage us! And in turn we can encourage them. Xxxxx

Who is it that you can encourage today?

What is it that you need? Ask Him for what you need and keep watch.

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