Have you ever had a WALL in front of you?

It might not be a physical, double brick blockage – maybe it’s a place of frustration, a bone of contention, a theme, a season.

Whatever it might be, I have recently been given some encouragement about walls, and I felt to share it with you today, sweet friend.

I’ve been reading Joshua 2 in the Old Testament and I’ve been reading it with totally fresh eyes. You know those times when the Bible comes alive for you in such a different way? Where it speaks words of life that speak to your very situation and circumstance.

I encourage you to read Joshua 2 and ask God to show you something in each verse. I am sure that He will reveal some precious truth and encouragement for you too. (if you’d like to see my list, read to the bottom, otherwise, feel free to just read Father’s encouragement alone.)

Joshua 2 is the story of when Joshua and the spies check out the promised land, and they get cornered by the enemies, by their pursuers. – there seems to be no way out,

But God…..

brown wooden dining table beside brown brick wall
Photo by Keenan Sultanik on Unsplash

They make their way into the home of a prostitute named Rahab who is a very unexpected helper.

She ultimately helps them escape by giving them a way out from her home, also pointing the pursuers in a totally opposite direction. Yay Rahab!

WOW, God!

The most powerful point came for me in Joshua 2 vs 15.
Where it says, “…then she let them down by a rope through the window, for her house was built into the city wall, so that she lived in the wall.”

gray wooden windowpane
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I felt God say to me,

“Where there is a wall,

where there is a hindrance, delay, or blockage, I will provide a resident in the wall to help you.

I will create a way through for you, and the wall will be insignificant.

You will go out from a window and climb down the rope I provide.

Where there are things are coming against you, where there seems no way out,

where the wall is high, and wide, and deep – I do not see this as a hindrance.

I have already gone ahead of you and provided a door and a window.

Take heart, I am not intimidated by walls – walls are simply obstacles I create access points into and through for my loved ones.

Lean in, look a little closer, look for the access points, doors, and windows, I have already provided you.

woman spreading her arms
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God bless you with fresh vision for ways through.

For doors and windows from within the walls.

God bless you with access through the wall, so that you can leave the wall far behind.

Much love.



And for those who might be interested: Here are the one-liners that jumped out to me from verses 1-14.

I wonder which ones will encourage you in your current season. And what God will have you share so that others might be encouraged by what He shows you?

Here are the things that I have gleaned from this power punch of a chapter starting at Joshua 2:1 -15.

1. We are to go and view the land – don’t stand on the sidelines anymore.
2. Sometimes unlikely alliances will bless us – help can come from anyone, no one is discounted.
3. The enemy will not have access to us even when they come and knocking – nothing can touch me when God hides me.
4. . We are hidden under the flax and will not be found we are heading in high places and will not be found.
(Interestingly flax can represent purity – we are covered in purity – I love that little side note.)
5. The enemy will be sent the wrong way and will not find us – the enemy’s plans are frustrated by God and His helpers.
6. The gates are shut behind our enemies so that they cannot turn back. We are protected – When God shuts a gate, it remains shut!
7. Those who weren’t brought up the same as us will help us and in the process here and see God because of it.
8. Those same people will turn and declare” Your god, he is a God of heaven above, and on the earth beneath.”
9. We will have strangers deal kindly with us, and they will employ us to deal kindly with them and their families.
10. They will be saved because of their kindness.