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This week a friend died, his family will never be the same again.  Our world is lesser for him not being here anymore.

I was struggling through initial thoughts and plenty of emotion. I paced the house dozens of times trying to make sense of it all…. what should I do, what should I feel, how do I help this family and not crash myself???

I felt to call a friend (who is a psychologist) and she gave some ripper advice in times of trouble. (I’ve added some extra that God revealed along the way):

1. Be kind to yourself.

2. Follow your instincts/intuition

3. Emotions are not good or bad, right or wrong-no self judgment about these.

4. Just go with the wave.

5. Don’t Overthink it, just Be.

6. Give Jesus the burden of whatever comes-He gives His rest in exchange.

7. God is not surprised by this.

8. We don’t solve the problems,  God does!

9. Know what your body needs and do this.

10. Bring all emotions to God, and Holy Spirit will lead us forward in ALL TRUTH.

11. The waves of life are for everyone.

12. Acknowledge and then speak out the feelings…ie. I feel angry.  I feel so sad. I feel puzzled.

13. Hand these over to the Lord, don’t bask in them for too long.

14.Take a day at a time…or one moment at a time.

15. “In this world you will have trouble (so many people stop here, but keep reading!!!!), but TAKE HEART, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.”

My day continued like this…..

My instinct was to turn off my phone.

My instinct was to create a life canvas (I’d never painted much before)

My instinct was to pour out prayers for my friend and her girls.

My instinct was, to only accept what God showed me.

My instinct was to love others better than I had been-and let them know.

My instinct was to be kind to myself and learn from this.

My instinct was to set a boundary, of only doing what God showed me to do-and nothing more!

By the end of the day I’d moved from this,  20180830_131613.jpg

To this….


Life is a wave

When we’re on the wave,  we’re not questioning, why is this happening or how do I feel about it.

We are just riding it out.

Knowing that at some point it’ll run out of energy and we’ll be in shallower waters.

Be blessed in whatever wave you find yourself riding today,  in Jesus name. Amen. Xxxxx