A number of Saturday’s ago there was a beautiful group of ladies who came over to pray. This came about as a result of the precious L who heard the call and followed through with it. God bless her, it was a delight to all who attended. This short piece is about something that happened on that day. (I have more to write about that day, maybe in a week or so. Still working on it.)

A few days prior to this event, I had a dream.

Dreams are part of the way that God speaks to me. They haven’t always been, but over the past few years I have offered my nights for God to speak to me – and He has graciously done it, time and time again.

On this particular night I had asking within my heart, what Saturday would be like and whether there was anything God wanted me to invest specifically. He answered quickly with a dream about walking with Jesus.

As we walked up the path, I noticed He held something behind His back. He was no so sneakily hiding it from me to gain my interest. I asked Him what He had behind there. His face was full of expectation and excitement. A huge smile across His face.

He carefully took from behind his back a box. It was a truly exquisite box in my favourite colour and He had tenderly tied a matching translucent ribbon about the box. Attached to the ribbon was a card with my name on it.

He said, “Open it!” His excitement level was high at this point.

So very, very carefully I took the ribbon end and pulled. I didn’t wish for anything to be damaged, because this box was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. As I undid the bow, I reached over the top of the box and pulled up the lid. It fitted so well, like a glove you might say. lol.

Inside was some tissue paper held together by a golden heart seal.

I lifted it up, noticing that Jesus was watching my face intently.

Then I saw what was inside the box.

That was the end of the story part of the dream….at the finish I was made aware that this dream was bigger than me – it was for each woman who came on Saturday. So I popped it into the memory bank/my journal and the week went on.

Saturday came and went. (as I said I will share more detail in coming times) It was a powerful and wonderful day to be a part of.

A number of people received amazing gifts in their boxes, some shared, some kept it to themselves. Just between them and Jesus.

More recently I have heard back from a couple of women and there was something in what they said that challenged me. They had both said, they put what they wanted inside the box. It was only afterwards that one realised that and had asked Jesus what He had placed inside there. God bless her heart for her vulnerability.