sun-flower-1536088_960_720I’ve been studying the past few weeks and having dramas and WOW moments of awesomeness going off all around me  – highs and lows. I am endeavouring to balance it all out, but feel as if I’m on a tidal wave of opportunities, activity, people, emotions, health stuff and so much more….it is almost like everything is being challenged and shaken – and the core of myself is in celebration mode amidst it all.

I am discovering more and more for myself, how much I love having God in my life. He has brought so much sunshine to the dark places and provided me a reason to sing. This morning I felt to pop some thoughts down about my heart in this time. I hope they make you think and encourage you at the same time. A work in progress. xxxxx

What if I were less about striving and more about resting.

What if I gave others grace to grow, to be on a journey, to discover their own wiring in God.

What if I recognised that every person I met had their own special plan as well.

What if I took the time to discover who they are, rather than thinking I knew it already.

What if I were more into loving that judging.

What if I cared more about relationship than performance.

What if I cared more about belief management than behaviour management.

What if I looked at people…. rather than grouping them Christian or Not.

Each group one decision difference.

One opportunity.

One separation.

One God who adores each in their own right.

What if I just loved and lived.

What if instead of being aware of other’s faults, I became more self aware of my own motives, behaviours and thoughts.

What if I believed that I am complete in God and the things that come along are just muscle memory of the old me.

What if I took a moment to bask in God’s love for me, rather than sitting curled up in my own condemnation.

What if I stopped criticising myself and instead began allowing God to pour His love for me, over me.

What if I took a moment to ask God what HE felt and thought about me, and then listened.

What if I became more aware of what He thought, that what I thought about myself.

What if I listened to the life giving truths, rather than the life sapping circumstances.

What if I asked God how He saw and loved the one in front of me…wouldn’t that prompt and inspire me to Love others so much better.

What if I gave other’s wiggle room to make mistakes and learn from them, all the while simply loving them along the way.

What if my only desire was to do what I was prompted by God to do.

What if all those around me, lived the same way…wouldn’t this bring about a purity in life, – an Eden experience.

What if I had time to invest in others, to care, to show them they are important to me.

What if I cared more about God’s best things, rather than a whole mish mash of good things.

What if my only goal when dealing with others, was to leave them encouraged.

What if I accepted the good times and the bad, deciding to praise God regardless.

What if I fostered a heart of thankfulness in every part of my life.

What a beautiful world this would be………what a wonderful world it is!!!!