What will 2021 be about?
That’s the exact question that has been floating about my heart and mind for months.
Would it be the same as 2020?

Would we be socially distanced from loved ones once again? Would online church be the future? What happens to community then Lord?

I felt a sense of mystery surrounding it. Just asking the question felt like a step of courage.

Dare I ask. Did I even want to hear God’s response?

I had asked a few times, but hadn’t heard a thing. Crickets. Total silence on this issue of my heart.

That was until recently.
We had made our way down to our beloved space Inverloch. There’s something about the beach that makes it so easy to connect with God. The slower pace. Being out in creation. The cool water lapping at my skin. It was a gift to be here.

Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

2020 and all the limitations. Unable to visit the beach, let alone swim, surf or float about.

Being here WAS a gift, a precious gift, especially following last year. Lockdowns and a fairly beachless 2020.
Each day I made my way to the shore. Walking along the dirt track. Board under arm. Dodging the overhanging trees and shrubs. Eager to get there as soon as possible. Not knowing what we’d encounter once we arrived. Dirt turned to sand, as we walked up the hill where the shrubs dissipated and the sky opened up, along with the lapping waterline and wide expanse of space.

Today was a little different. It was New Years Day.

Although there was nothing to let me know that. No fireworks the previous night. No friends or family to bbq with and welcome in the new year. No party poppers. No resolutions or dreams because all felt like it was in a holding pattern. As if 2020 was going to continue until covid was finished…..Strange.

Early one morning Han and I took Gracie groodle for her morning walk.
A relatively still morning.
New Years Day 2021.

Theodor Eilertsen Photography (@theoeilertsen) | Unsplash Photo Community

It HAD happened, hadn’t it. It was a new year, and I began to wonder again, what it would hold.

In a split second the wind whipped up powerfully.
Gracie pulled me forward, as my hair flew straight up into the air. It became a challenge to take a step at all.

Saksham Gangwar (@saksham) | Unsplash Photo Community

It pushed against my torso and our pup pressed in, barking into the wind.
The sensory feeling of that force against me was confronting and exciting all rolled into one.
Like a child, I naturally wanted to see how far I could lean into it. How far could I lean in without falling over?
So I bent my body towards the wind and pressed in. Hoping it wouldn’t have a dip and leave me landing splat on the ground in front of me.

Surprisingly, the wind held me – I was at about a 45degree angle and it didn’t let me fall at all.
It was exhilarating!
The second I became aware of it’s power and my futility in fighting it, I heard the words

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“Lean into 2021.”
Oh Lord, that’s exciting.
And I knew, without any doubt, this was His word for me….and possibly for you too.
Lean into 2021.

Over the day, questions began to rise….
What does that mean, Leaning into a year? How do I lean into mystery? Into something without any structure or form?
What am I supposed to do with that kind of word?

I wrestled and questioned and didn’t come to peace about anything in particular.
And ended up leaving it with God, asking Him to reveal more about what it meant when He wanted.

The answer came the very next day……. (read part 2 to discover what He showed me.)

I pray this blesses you.
Lean into 2021
Don’t let it frighten you off.
Don’t let 2020 steal from this year as well.
We are safe with Him.
No better place to start from, but within His embrace, His loving arms.
It’s time to rejig things precious village, and there might be some more clues to this for you, as there were for me, next blog.

God bless you,
May He keep you,
Make His face shine upon you and bring you peace.
Glorious peace.
Stunning peace.
The Stillness of peace.