One of our pastors was preaching on Kingdom this morning…it was rich and real.

It struck me earlier on he made the comment for him, the Kingdom of God is power.

As I contemplated this idea, I felt it was more…I found myself asking what do I believe Kingdom is…. was it indeed power?

My mind wandered as I tossed things idea around and around.

What did Kingdom even mean?

The Kingdom of God….

So wherever it sags Kingdom of God in the word, what does it refer to?

I sensed the image and words above come in, for how I saw Kingdom.

Thankfully,  the pastor proceeded on to connect us with this idea…it was brilliant.

What is so important about Kingdom anyway?

The word is filled with examples of why it’s important…it’s like treasure,  your Kingdom come – your will be done (sounds pretty key) it’s our inheritance… just to name a few.

From the depths I KNOW that without love,  the will be no power or Kingdom for tbat matter- for  God IS Love.

So then love expressed = Kingdom

Love motivating us = Kingdom

Love as the source and then poured out in power =  Kingdom

Can I encourage you in this moment… your life IS important.

Your connection to the source is KEY to walking in faith with power.

(Now before some of you freak out and think,  I dont want to get too deep with this whole power thing,  let me clarify this in my own small way)

Power to me, refers to what God gives to a circumstance or person to influence or impact in His way.

It might be something small