I felt drawn to what is traditionally known as “The Lord’s Prayer” this morning.
I couldn’t get beyond the first line.
“Our Father who is in heaven.”

The desire of all Spirit filled christians is for more of Heaven on Earth. Later in Matthew 6:10 this is reflected “your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven”.

So, I asked the Lord this question, what does heaven on earth look like?
I sensed Him reply “what am I like?”

I felt the answer probably was too big for my tiny brain, but the fruit of the spirit was a great base to begin.

Gal 5:22-23
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Dream a little and imagine what the world would be like if we had even one of these here in its complete form.
I want to live in that kind of world.
I want these things to increase upon the earth.


If you live in heaven, the desire to bring/have heaven on earth is 2 fold.

1. The Earth and all who live here experience a more hope filled, blessed and beautiful life, them and all their descendants. Think the fruit of the spirit expanding and the opposite of those things decreasing as a result.

2. God abides in Heaven, this, more of God (the real God…not the religious tyrant He is often misrepresented as) but Jesus here on earth!!!! Oh boy…that image delights my senses no end. More light=less darkness


How does Heaven come to earth?
How does this world become more filled with light, than succumb to the darkness that seems so prevalent?

Well, I suppose it’s a rhetorical question of sorts….I am still working it out. And endeavouring to walk it out.

The first thoughts about it, it comes
The fruit of that place of abide, is everything flowing out from that place.

  • It’s through having faith and walking faith despite what comes against us (how weird it might seem to others.)
  • Its practically when I release my right to hold something against someone, and forgive.
  • It’s being willing to care more about what God thinks, than anyone else in this world.
  • It’s in my worship.
  • It’s when I choose to let go of my rights and choose to pick up His freedoms.
  • It’s the times where I make time for the one who is struggling.
  • It’s when we share life and become vulnerable with one another (and we foster a safe environment for this to happen.)
  • It’s when we become the together, rather than islands.
  • It’s where we create space for the fruits of the Spirit to increase in us and be willing to release the rest.

I asked God for a picture of this concept….

I sensed God showing me these things above, the everyday situations, and at each one,
Jesus was holding out His hand.
In it, a letter with the word “Invitation” on the front.
Every and each situation an opportunity to partner, join with Him…to bring Heaven to Earth.


This has floored me…excited me….wowed me entirely!!!
Do I want a better world, do I want more of Heaven on Earth..,then it starts with my relationship with God….and from there~the skies the limit!