“I need you to baptize me, John.”

“What? I can’t do that. What good is there in me, that I could baptize you, Jesus? You should be baptizing me.”

“It is fitting that you do this thing,” Jesus gently responded.

Matthew 3:15b says, “Then John consented.”

John said yes…and the whole world opened up.

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What would have happened if John had chosen to say no?

Possibly nothing.

What if he had chosen not to listen?

Not a lot.

Jesus wasn’t asking much of John. What was asked, was within his skill set. John had been baptizing people all over the countryside.

I love this truth, Jesus didn’t ask for something outside John’s design or heart. He didn’t load John down with heavy burdens or tasks, but only asked a single thing – baptize me.

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The only hurdle was John getting out of his own way, putting aside the fact that the Son of God was asking Him to do this HUGE thing…

John rose above his feelings of unworthiness by listening and following the lead of Jesus.

What happened as John said YES?

  1. The Heavens Opened.
  2. They saw God’s Spirit and experienced Him.
  3. They heard the voice of the Father.
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It got me thinking, what happens when I say yes to what Jesus is prompting me to do?

Is it possible that I too, might see heavens opened, see and experience God’s Spirit, and hear the voice of the Father.

To this, it’s a resounding YES.

Why would I want anything but these things? Because as we hear Jesus’ words, gently inviting us in – “Come, Follow Me,” He says.

Not requiring the hurry-scurry of everyday push and pull, but simply to listen and say Yes to what He is asking.

The benefits for us and those we love most could be out of this world!

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God bless you.

Much love