pexels-photo-433267.jpegI never imagined an outcome like this,  could come from a simple phone call to nurses on call, a rush to emergency and a whole lotta AWE!!! God is AMAZING!!!
It’s been such a huge God week and I’m in a time of contension. Learning to be fearless amidst exhaustion, sickness and life circumstances…Ugh…….

Went to bed early not feeling the greatest,  began to have chest pain and rib cage stabbing. (Not the most comforting of things.)

I asked God what I should do,  He said ring nurse on all ramped  up from there… they said I needed to go to emergency right away. Had to wake my poor hubby and tell him the news…(he’s so gracious…)When we got to the hospital they were checking me for cardiac stuff which was quite scary… and to be honest,  I felt alone,  frightened but weirdly peaceful as well. The nurse cracking jokes while everything was up in the air,  probably didn’t help me too much.

I found myself crying out, “Lord send me someone who knows you.”
Not long after, they did handover and a new nurse walked in…a lady speaking in South African tongues, we’ll call her Joy.

My heart leapt.
I whispered to Craig, “she’s a Christian, she gets it.”
I plucked up the courage to ask her (a while later), knowing that if she wasn’t, it was going to be one awkward….

Her response -“Yes, baby girl.  By His stripes we are healed.” And she went about her work.(…PHEW….)

WOW….I began to cry as I realized that my prayer had been answered so promptly….
Thankyou Lord.💗💗💗💗💗


A while later….. she began to tell us how she goes a local church and named it…I had to ask her to repeat it… because in fact it is OUR CHURCH TOO!!!! We were all in AWE!!! It was bizarre!!!! I’d never seen this precious angel before,  but was so thankful that she was family.  (You cannot set this stuff up!!!)


Joy later shared with us how she’d lost her husband a few years ago, I felt such grief, and seeing how raw it still was,  I couldn’t help but grab her hand and let God’s peace pour into her.
Powerful!!! She began to tear up and I joined in….(or rather continued. Thank heavens they were topping me up through iv.)
Even later still, Holy Spirit had me ask her whether she’d ever asked for a picture from Him about her husband.
She said “no”..I replied, “He wanted to give her something tonight.”

(I felt He wanted to give her Reassurance and hope, through a picture.)
We held hands and I prayed something very,  very simple, I don’t even remember what…… the energy and peace of Holy Spirit in the room was palpable, she began trembling in a good way, I could see and feel that God was making a huge exchange….and she was speechless….

Inside I had a song bubbling up in my Spirit “You’re amazing God”.  We were all moved by our amazing God. It was a pure and lovely moment. Awe inspiring!!! She thanked me for the moment she had just encountered Him in. Something beautiful had just happened,  and what a privilege to be present.
(I wondered whether this was why we’d had to come??!!??!!)


Joy throughout the night lovingly cared for us and amidst a range of things,  she mentioned that she had only begun working at this hospital LAST MONTH!!!! God had definitely gone before me.

Hours later we were given the ok to leave.  Striking it up to fibromyalgia, muscular skeletal type thing.

I was nervous because the symptoms were still happening, but felt God give me His peace that it was going to be alright…I had to let it go and choose to trust. Joy was fabulous and kept reassuring me.

So we headed out. A ladies bathroom stop was in order though.

Joy grabbed me as I headed out of the toilets, lead me back the cubicle room thing and shut the curtain. (What is going on I wondered. )
She said, “we forgot to thank the Lord for what He had done tonight.”

Weak, but so thankful to have met this beautiful woman who understood the importance or giving thanjs where thanks is due…..I was thrilled!!!
So I stood there holding hands in a hospital with this gift of a woman, praying and thanking God for His goodness to us all. It was a teary and beautiful moment in time…. what a gift this have this woman of His, tend to us, love us and share some incredibly moving and healing moments. This is not a night I will ever forget.


Our God is AMAZING!!!!!! This life is so fragile,  every moment is an opportunity to be a part of His story with us.

Have a listen to the song He placed upon my heart as a result of this night.  I pray it blesses you….the chorus is what was on loop.  Stunning.

(Another significant thing happened that night,  but that’s for another time. )


Be blessed that your story is truly something wondrous and even in the darkest of times… splashes of light can beam in,  when we tune in to His frequency.  Have a great week ahead. Xxxxx