I don’t know about you but heading towards the Christmas/New Year season is challenging, tiring and full on.
This year has proven no exception…

Can I just say – for those who feel “out of the game”.

For those who “have a sense of weakness or inability to keep up with things”

For those who “feel limited in any way”

For those who “feel socially isolated or out of the way.”

I felt the Lord encouraging me as I tossed these feelings around for myself.
It began with the feeling that my health had taken so much from my family and I.
It had created certain limitations that have been challenging personally but also relationally.
Our daughter was having her 13th birthday and all she wanted to do, was to go to the Carols night at church (to see her friends). Battling a whole body exhaustion, I was unable to go – so I chose peace. I could have pushed through, but felt that it would have cost me for the rest of the week (which had another child’s birthday, a cousin catchup and multiple “normal” life appointments etc.)
The next morning I was cleaning up in the lounge room, feeling a little reflective that I’d had to miss another event and how out of sight felt like out of mind in this culture….I stumbled across this rainbow ribbon.

Our daughter had given it to me during a particularly challenging time. She said to me quite spontaneously at the time, “I’m so proud of you Mum. You are doing – a great job!”

The amount of times I’ve gazed upon this ribbon and felt strengthened that she felt I was still part of the game…it’s been so encouraging. This little ribbon that cost her very little, meant more to me than she’ll ever know. This ribbon reiterated that I was of worth. I had value despite what I could or couldn’t “do”. It made me smile every time I saw it….but to rediscover it was of great delight to me!

Despite how I was feeling “I was a competitor!”

This morning I pressed into the Lord about it what all of this means.

During a time where I find myself re-evaluating everything and reflecting upon the years of health challenge, the costs and the gains.

This is what He said to me and what I want to pass on to you also.

A competitor is someone who takes part in a contest. A contender, a challenger, a participant, a candidate, an entrant, a runner, a player, an athlete!

“Despite how you feel, you are indeed a COMPETITOR.
The enemy has tried to take you out of the game. He’s tried to flatten you on the track.

He’s sent things that have endeavoured to take the air out of your lungs and make it difficult to breathe well.

Find your stride with me once again my child, for you are indeed my finest runner.

I have chosen you to take long strides with me in this journey.

It doesn’t matter what the enemies plans are, mine are plans of true SUCCESS and VICTORY.

I see you as a contender and not just that, but as a VICTOR.

Take heart my child,
…In this world you WILL have trouble, BUT TAKE HEART, I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!!!!” John 16:33

Be encouraged precious ones! You are of great worth. The very fact that you have had struggles can sometimes point to and indeed highlight that fact that the enemy is challenged by who you are. God has great things planned for your life! Hang in there! Don’t give up! The gains will far outweigh the costs…..
I celebrate you today precious reader, I celebrate your life and ask Father to bless you amidst whatever it is you walk. Be free to fly with Him in power, in favour, in blessing and in peace, in Jesus name. amen. xxxxx