A week or so ago, I asked my family – when you think about your life so far – would you say the main things are more positive or negative? Varying responses came from all. It feels nice to say positive..but for me…if I’m honest -I’ve had a LOT of things happen, that have been negative.

Now if I got up before a crowd and spoke about all the things that had happened in my life, good and bad – the BIG things have often been life altering and horrible…..and the obviously stand out.

If I stayed in that place, then no one would probably blame me.

The thing is, before I asked my family this question – Father was talking to me about my story.

He said, if He was to get before a crowd and tell my story, what would did I think He would say?

This train of thought brought me to discovering, I had a lot of focus upon life altering things of my life, rather than the end of those seasons…I was focusing upon the beginning.

He then challenged me to ask Him how He saw my story?

I envisioned Jesus getting before a crowd of angels, sharing His highlight real from my life.

I then began to write what He said…and I can tell you – it made me feel completely loved, accepted, esteemed, embraced…..it left me in a place, where I barely remembered the negative beginnings or the circumstances that had me in places I didn’t want to be.

All I came away with, is God treasures our relationship.

Before I share just a couple of the things He shared with me, I want to inspire you to ask that same question of God.

Father, how do you see my story? What would your testimony of my life sound like?

And write down what comes to mind.

Then read over what you’ve written afterwards.

I am so confident of this fact, that He wants to answer you, He wants to encourage you and if you’ll step out and do this – you’ll begin to look at life through a different lens.

Now go….get started….I’m excited for what He will say to you personally.

If this activation has touched you, feel free to drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to celebrate you, with you!


He was tangibly thrilled about the times I had chosen to go to Him, instead of going it alone.

He was joyful about the times I had stopped for the person who looked lonely.

He loved it when I stop for a moment and take a breath to be aware of Him.

He brought pictures to my mind of times of prayer, personal time spent worshiping Him….this was time where I delighted His heart…..


WOW…..God, thank you that your story looks so much better than mine.

Thank you that the beginnings are not the final word and that you have the end in mind.

Thank you for being relational….for always having time to answer me…for encouraging me so much through this question.

Help me to remember your perspective as I walk forward into future circumstances.

That I won’t get overwhelmed by the intensity, but inspired about what you are doing from within it.

Thank you for being Ultimate Redeemer of all upset, trauma, trouble and stife – you are a God who genuinely cares and sees me amidst all the extras.

Thank you that your story takes in aspects, I barely even acknowledge.

You saw my kids being formed from the first second, the day of their birth wasn’t a surprise to YOU, it was just a mid point. You were excited for us from that first second.

You knew Craig and I would meet on that day, but you were excited at our first second – already seeing the junction points, the cross overs. lol. It’s awesome to take in just an element of how you think.

I love how You are so relational…..every single one of the things you brought up for me, was about our relationship. Nothing about stress, material wealth or even other people as such…it was just You….a proud Dad….telling me what you loved about me and the life I have lived so far.

Oh Lord……I am so grateful.

Help the next half to increase in the things that matter to you.

Grow my heart to take in the kinds of highlights and focus’ that you yourself focus upon.

Oh….Thank you….Thank you……You are such a good Dad to me. xxxxx