Can I be vulnerable with you for a moment?

As someone who is heading into her 7th year of chronic illness and daily pain, I would think that I understand what it is to suffer on some level. I don’t wear this as a badge of honour, but mention it because recently I was confronted with a question that still has me reassessing. .

I was reading the story of Mary and Martha, God revealed something that made me look at my own world and question.

He showed me that like Mary, sitting at Jesus feet is where I need to be.

Over the past few months my health has been particularly challenging and to be honest, dealing with the disappointment has been a battle. Jesus gave me this picture of Mary, and asked me where I was looking?

In that moment, I had been focused completely upon discouragement and self pity. So this question made me feel very uncomfortable, knowing that my eyes had dropped to my circumstance, instead of to Him. It’s a choice we all have.

To allow the day or event to conquer us….or for God in us to overcome it.

My question to you is this, where are your eyes fixed today?

There’s no shame or guilt from Him, if you realise they have dropped, He doesn’t ask in order to make you feel worse, but in order to improve your situation.

He asks because He knows, when our eyes are fixed upon Him, nothing else matters…the distractions fade into the distance, and only the main thing becomes the main thing.

Whether you are going through a tough one or a brilliant season, let’s fix our eyes upon Him. Who helps us within the hard and shows us the redemption to come.

For those going through a less wobbly path, give thanks to Him, celebrate it!

You’ve got to make these times count, they make the more difficult times a little easier when you’ve got a comparison.