Don’t know about you, but sometimes I have so much going on that I forget to share with my friends about things I need prayer for. I’ll be really honest with you.

I’m finding that in busy times, chaotic times, task heavy times, my cogs and innerworkings can be clunky and although they’re still moving, it’s NOISY and uncomfortable!

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At times it feels as though I have wrong pieces in my clock – not unlike one of those spare tyres that we use in case of a flat. It works, but not meant to be a permanent fix. lol.

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One of the things that helps my cogs move with fluidity and as designed, is prayer. Prayer is much like oiling the wheels, so there is ease of movement. No, it doesn’t always take away what we are encountering, BUT, it does alleviate strain and applies so much in the process.

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One thing that has helped me in this has been the precious prayers of friends. Who do you have in your life already? Who can you ask to pray? The adage ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is partly true. What I am living out at the moment is that the details don’t always need to be shared. But asking friends and family to pray, and indeed pray with us, is a powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal.

Don’t forget, sweet one, you are worthy of friendship. You are worthy of being loved by others and of loving them. And although, for some of us, it feels awkward to pray out loud with a dear friend, I have found it to be such a gift to me. I hope that you have someone you trust and feel safe enough to pray with you. Through it this week, I have experienced such peace when so much felt out of alignment. Be encouraged!

May all the moving parts of your life be in harmony with one another, like well-oiled cogs in your clock today.

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Added Bonus:

Elizabeth has just released a new Love box set for those who read in that genre, or are keen to dive in! (free on kindle unlimited – at the moment!)
Coming from our neighboring sister country of New Zealand, I am so pleased to share her website with you

I’ve decided to create some space for creatives I wish to honor. God loves it when His kids love and honor one another. Recently, a new friend wrote a beautiful piece that blessed me greatly. She has been a part of oiling my cogs, and helping my innerworkings function better.

I felt led to share Elizabeth Marie with all of you. Elizabeth Marie writes clean Christian romance novels. Her blog is something that will truly bless those who are looking for further encouragement, inspiration, and authenticity. I really appreciate Elizabeth’s down-to-earth style of writing, her honesty, and her loving heart.

As an almost Aussie, New Zealand writer, I am thrilled to share her and her blog with you today.

For those who are romance readers, Elizabeth has her box set of 3 love novels for free on Kindle Unlimited atm. Enjoy!