What would you like people to encounter as they entered your through your front door?

What would you love for your home/family to be known by?

I was recently kabammed by John 5:2a tpt – where it says:

“Inside the city near the Sheep Gate, there is a pool called in Aramaic, ‘The House of Loving Kindness.'”

As I read these words, ‘House of Loving Kindness,’ something sparked within my heart and I said out loud,

“I want that for us! I want our house to be known for loving kindness!”

two girls walking on street
Photo by Andrea Tummons on Unsplash

Yes, I know, this isn’t referring to an actual house, but I believe it resonates with Father’s heart.

What if He has a gift, a blessing that we are known by? That our home is known by? That our family is known by?

As I look around me, I can see the evidence of this all around. Do you?

There are some families known for their hospitality, their generosity, their kindness, their selflessness.

And it got me thinking with God…..”What are we known by Lord? What is our family known by? What do people encounter as they come to our home? What am I known for?

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Today, I am blessing our house with carrying, reflecting, bringing His loving kindness & healing.

Today, I want to partner with the words that God is saying about me, us, our home and community.

I guess this theme is carrying over from Father’s day at church, where we spent some time interceding for the Father’s/Men of our community. Asking God for what He wants to bless them with, then praying that! It’s not complicated, but it packs a POWERFUL flow on effect, if we’ll dive in and try.

What do you sense God is saying to you?

What are you drawn to? What has He given you a heart desire for?

What do you want your house to be known for?

I’d love to hear what you sense Him showing you – if you’d like to share. (no pressure either way.)

(as a side note: it hasn’t escaped me that the name of this pool, where hundreds of sick people lay, waiting for the waters to stir, that they might receive healing – this name, ‘House of Loving Kindness’ was no mistake. If I was in that same place, hearing the name of the pool would give me hope and comfort. Names are important.)

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Feel free to pop your response in the chat below. Let us encourage and bless one another with what God has placed on our hearts.

Until next time,

God bless you and yours so BIG today, and all days.