I want to tell you a little story. It’s a true story about a friend of mine. This kind, loving, and gracious friend helped me greatly in my book series in a number of ways. I had just finished editing “Take a Step” with him when I woke from a dream.

In the dream, I gave my friend some money to thank her for all that she had done practically for me, and to bless her on her upcoming trip overseas – a pilgrimage.

This friend never asks for anything; she’s a giver and so generous. But in the dream, I was compelled to give her a small gift and tell her a certain phrase.

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I sat on it for a couple of weeks until I finally saw her at church one Sunday.

I wrote a little card, quickly shoved it into her hand, gave her a hug, and zipped back to my seat. She smiled warmly as I handed it to her.

When I caught up with her after church, the sun seemed to shine from her face.

She was so joyous. Glowing with joy! I had to find out more!

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You see, this friend and her family had been going through so much. My friend had grown up in a family where she felt somewhat hidden and uncelebrated. It was sad, and her parents missed out on seeing that beautiful smile more often.

Unbeknownst to me, God had a plan and was working cleverly behind the scenes.

My friend shared that two weeks before the dream, my friend’s mum had called her and asked her to come around. When she arrived, her mum asked my friend to buy something nice on the trip for her sister (birthday.)

Once again, my friend had felt somewhat forgotten or hidden. This grieved my friend’s heart, obviously, but she (as usual) told God of her feelings and poured out her heart.

I did not know this backstory at all.

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As she opened her Bible earlier in the week, desperate for a word from God, she flipped it open to a ‘random’ page, and her eyes were instantly drawn to a verse.

“God does not have favorites.” (1 Peter 1:17 NLT)

This verse seemed to speak to the very circumstance of her heart and situation.

God was tending to her through verses, provision, and words.

When earthly family or friends fail us, God does not.

In His goodness, He saw my friend’s heart, knew her inner need, and met it.

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As a side note, in the card, I wrote something like, “This gift is straight from God. He wanted me to let you know, that each part of the trinity is gifting you something special.” She was being acknowledged and seen by each part of God’s heart—Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit—because they all love her 100%.

Unsurprisingly, but wondrously, the amount He had told me to give her, was three times the amount she was to spend on her sister.

Every part of God was loving her in a specific and meaningful way.

Isn’t He just perfection!

Oh….I almost forgot to tell you, and the phrase in the dream, “I want you to go and buy yourself something nice on your trip”

(the exact phrase her Mum has used about the gift for her sister.)

ONLY GOD could do this!!! Isn’t He amazing!

God doesn’t have favorites, but He picks up the pieces where others fail.

He fills the gaps between what we need and what others provide.

What a magnificent and powerful God you are!

What a privilege to be a small part of this redemptive story Father.

Thank you for seeing my friend, Lord, and not being content to let this generous, kind, and abundantly loving friend feel anything but known, seen, remembered, and loved.

You might not have favorites, but You do love to favor!

And my friend drew near to Him in her upset, and He favored/blessed her in word, provision and love x 3!

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What area in your life, do you need God to fill the gap? Is there a time or place where you might have felt unseen or hidden?

Consider asking God about this today; share with Him your pains, frustrations, offenses, or thoughts –

He loves to listen and respond.

Much love