Going for a walk early morning walk with Craig to get his coffee and we stopped in at a little Italian place, Lavita Abela.

The food smelled so delicious we decided to stop any order breaky.

We sat there eating french toast, pancakes and hash browns, family banter was at it’s best.

When SUDDENLY something flashed across the ceiling.

“What was that?” I asked the fam.

We spotted a tiny bird above the climbing Ivy living structure hanging from the ceiling.

My heart leapt as I realised the tiny bird, was a hummingbird.

I love love love hummingbirds. How about you?

Before I knew it’s sweet golden underbelly, fleeting wings, flitted above our heads and out of the cafe.

A moment of joy I couldn’t didn’t quite capture in time on my phone but captured in my heart.

I spent the walk home searching for a hummingbird. It felt futile, bit I really, really wanted to see it again.

I asked God to see the hummingbird again.

persons hand forming heart
Photo by Andrew Moca on Unsplash

A few minutes later, He showed me two, that were dancing amid the leaves of a tree.

The encouragement is this:

  1. Keep watch for the unexpected.
  2. Heart lifters are often found in unexpected places, at unexpected times.
  3. We can remain in disappointment when things don’t go our way. (But that steals from us)
  4. Or, we can choose to remember and share the delight of what we did encounter.
  5. Searching and being in the lookout for whatever God puts on your heart, whatever helps you feel, sense, see, hear God, in the everyday-is a GOOD thing.
  6. Our faith is never disappointed, when we place our in His hands.
  7. We can ask God to restore joy to us. And when we do, keep watch, He is near.

God bless you with encounters of JOY that speak to your heart.

May you notice and enjoy what He sends.

Bless you with great faith to believe for what He places on your heart.

May you have the wisdom to expect His goodness in your life, and look out for it.

God bless you with courage to ask and then watch for the desires of your heart, in Jesus name.