love-peopleLast night I spent a few hours with a bunch of heart people, who long for our local community and beyond to thrive in God’s good ways. I sit here typing, still amazed at the atmosphere that filled the place from the moment we walked in.

Hubby, kids and I had so many plans for Friday, the usual take away and chill out in front of the box was the one that seemed the goer. At the very last minute as we drove our eldest to the youth ping pong a thon, the car was taken to our church – where the local churches (various denominations) were coming to unite in worship & prayer for our city.

To experience was like this:

Think of a place of peace and wonder.

Feel the warmth of being united with others that share your passion for our city, country and world to step in to her God given right to thrive in peace and love with one another before Him.

See the heartbeat of a local community, interceding for a people they don’t know, but love.

What a joy to meet them and worship in our own individualistic ways to praise our God for all He has done, doing and is about to do.

What a delight to see the church very much alive in the bulk of young adults represented there….passionate…..deep…..joyfilled Christians who desire more for our culture than what is being served up.

Our hearts were aligned, our voices united in praise and God became extra BIG in the room. It is difficult to describe an encounter to someone, because it has happened to you and it’s personal. Each person in the room had such an encounter. God met each one in their place and space and the worship increased to the pure and lovely….

What a delight to experience a piece of heaven on this earth – it was a place none of us wanted to move from – we could have easily remained before Him in perfect unity of hearts before Him. But there was so much more to come….

Some danced, hands were raised, some bowed in awe…whatever came it was ok, because we were safe and aligned before our God, who was raising His beloved kids up before Himself to bring about shift.

We were there to intercede for our community, our governments across all tiers, our culture, our education systems and our people. It became clear to me that it was about the all of those things, but to God – it was about the one as well. The ONE who doesn’t know Him and His love for them yet.

There was not a Friday night like it before in our family.

After blessing our country with God’s peace.

Declaring life and flourish over dead or barren places.

After repenting for our decisions to block God in our choices and then accepting His forgiveness.

Embracing and lifting up the plans God has for Australia and beyond.

There was ultimate peace. Fullness of love and acceptance of one another.

The shofar was blown 7 times and with each sound, a release of HOPE for the future, peace for our people and love for our neighbour.

We lifted our leaders, young and old before Father and blessed them in their position.

We walked away from the night, having been involved in something so much greater than anything else we could have planned – …what a gift to pray with one another.

What a gift to be a small part of God’s bigger picture.

I have no doubt, that last night shifted some mountains so that the great landscape was cleared for Holy Spirit to sweep through.

I am filled with anticipation for what is to come.

My prayer is this:

That our hearts and minds would be aligned to the heartbeat of God.

That our mouths would sing and speak of His greatness for tomorrow, than the lack of what is around us today.

That our ears would be atune to His words, His encouragements, His whispers of love and life.

That we would press into Him all the more, knowing that the greater local church is alive and well….and that something BIG is happening that we don’t wish to miss a moment of.

That we would always remember that the person we see on the street, the neighbour, the work colleague, the register attendant, the homeless, the downtrodden, the addict, the Mum at home, the Dad, the brother, the sister, the friend, the hard-hearted, the softie….every single person here on earth – is a person God calls us to LOVE.

Help us to never forget Father, that you chose and loved us first.

Thankyou Father for all you are, for your love for us and for all that you have planned for your great country of Australia and beyond, in Jesus mighty name.

Amen. xxxxx