This week I was told within 5 minutes of one  another of 2 people passing away, it was numbing….

The first was an older guy from the council who had come over to assess some work that had been done on our property. It possibly sounds weird for this to have made an impact…..but I had waited months to hear back from him – and hadn’t heard a thing…..then I discovered why.

God prompted me to ask if He wanted a coffee.

He sat down in our alfresco table and filled out his forms, quietly sipped his coffee and chatted the hour away. It was a surreal conversation and was pretty deep considering it was a simple task for him to do.

It was clear, he was a fella that seemed disillusioned with systems and people, he wasn’t particularly happy, his eyes told the story of a man who had sorrow and sadness….but I I was also very aware he appreciated the coffee and chat. I  didn’t know his beliefs, I didn’t know much of his story. I didn’t know if he knew that there was a God who loved Him more than life itself.

When I rang up to see what was happening with my paperwork, I was told he had died a short time after, that same month he had sipped coffee in our alfresco…..this was a surreal situation for me. It’s a strange thing to meet someone, take some time out from busyness and then discover he had passed…

What had we talked about? I can’t really remember.

Did he have a faith? I’m not sure.

His life here on earth wasn’t a particularly joyful one, that I do know – and that is a grievous thing.

What if I hadn’t taken that moment in time and listened…..would I feel regret?

love God love people

Similarly this week a special mentor from my teen and young adult years went to dance with Jesus in person. My heart wasn’t sorrowful for her, it felt excited about what she was experiencing right now.

I felt compassion for my friends who now can’t hug their Mum and Gran.

They can’t listen to her or speak to her in person.

They will have moments in the future where they go to call, or to drop around and it will hit them – wow…..she’s not here anymore.

For them I feel sorrow.

For her – I cannot feel sadness.

I know she knew and loved God and travelled with Him closely. This is a different end. This is a life lived with honour and choice, despite the troubles that came along her way.

She was a woman who touched my heart and was my treasured friend.

The last time we saw one another, we talked about the journey of walking with God. She made us some tea. We sat in chairs that had crocheted and knitted rugs all over them. She smiled so sweetly – how she remained so soft, with all the things she went through – well….it continues to inspire and challenge me.

Her crystal blue eyes were clear and expressed a depth of joy, that is scarcely seen these days. She gave me her time. We talked some more and I got the opportunity to tell this precious woman what she had meant to me in my life. I got to tell her that I loved her, that her life had inspired me and touched my own walk in so many ways. I had the chance to give her a big hug and bless her. Then I headed off….I left with absolute peace because I was able to say the things I wanted to say – and say it to her precious face.

two stories of loss….

They both teach me more about the legacy I want to leave to those I love.

They challenge me to live with more vigour and spice….to not take a moment for granted.

Their lives speak to me of valuing the ones I love and daily letting them know how much I love them…how much they mean to me.

love is life

Then it got me to thinking….who is it, that we are meant to be loving today.

Which person in our day, needs a few minutes of our time, an ear to listen, a bit of encouragement….this world needs this sooooo much more…..more than ever before.

This week has highlighted the importance of listening and obeying, of sharing what we have with others, or telling the precious ones in our life, that they are indeed precious to us. I have not regrets in these stories….they have been part of my life walk. Each investment and gift has been truly valuable and valued.

It leaves me with the question for you…..

Is there someone you need to hug.

Is there someone in your world who needs to know how much they mean to you?

Is there someone God is prompting you to take a moment out of your day for?

Then do it!!!! Let me encourage you, you’ll never regret it. Life is short, go out and LIVE IT FULL with Him. xxxxx