pexels-photo-214574.jpegWell…It’s been a while since a morning like today…..I felt to share this with you, cause the way God moves is entirely beautiful and I want to testify about His AMAZINGNESS.

First up, I had a naturopath appt. at 9. Got there and had an encouraging chat with the naturopath and got some great advice regarding the sinus pressure I’ve had for weeks. Answers.. check.. thank you God!

Got out into the waiting room, had an instant deep, random conversation with a woman who was freaking out a bit. She asked me questions and I answered her, feeling like I was to impart God’s peace to her. The answers came quick and calming.  She went into the room moments later, with a spring in her step and a sense of expectancy upon her heart. Thank you Lord!

After the personal trainer testimony from last week, I felt to check in with my doctor and ask for any special instructions for him. Got a last-minute appt.with her an hour after the naturopath (perfect timing)… thank you Father!

Got to the doctors and encouraged the beautiful K in reception.  She’d been having a rough time of it and I’d seen her during the week really shining in her new role.  She was thrilled to get this observational encouragement.  Lol.


A “random” patient then entered with the cutest little baby girl. Couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. When the Mum walked in,  I just knew there was something about them that God wanted me to connect with…but to be honest,  I didn’t feel fabulous physically and wanted a bit of quiet time-so I remained near reception instead of heading out to the back waiting room.

Low and behold,  the need for a toilet stop became necessary…. and wouldn’t you know it,  it’s out the back…

(OK, got it… I’ll go!!! Lol.)

Headed out to the ladies… finished up, and then decided to succumb to the prompting and sit down in the back waiting room where they were.

The mum, baby and I began chatting easily.  I asked her, what her baby’s name was? Then asked an entirely weird question (for me anyway) what does her name mean?

She responded,  that it meant “beloved ”

As soon as I heard her say that,  I knew she was a christian. The conversation went deep quickly and before I knew it, God gave me a word of knowledge – she’s a teacher.  So I asked her whether she was in teaching.

Yes she was.

This opened up a whole lot of WOW.

She taught at my children’s school before she had her baby.

So I said,  “ha….I knew you were a christian!”

Oh she responded, “.. that’s lovely,  how did you know?” I said that when she had said her daughter’s name meant Beloved, the tone she used made me sense that she knew what it was to know and be loved by God.

She was pretty excited by that idea and so was I. Lol.

The conversation then went to identity as a teacher and mothering.. and how for me,  there had been a clash early on. I briefly described this(I didn’t know why I felt to share this)… the woman then shared that her sister sounded just like I had described.. was battling with being at home.

We chatted more about what had helped me.  It was GOOD!

She then went in for her appt.

As she left,  Holy Spirit dropped a knowing that something else was going on for the sister….so I prayed for her and felt to get her sister to pray too….

How would I get the message to this total stranger?

Write it down.

So I wrote some encouragement down for the sister….I asked God for something for the Mum and her baby also…. Mum’s need encouragement,  all that they can get. He gave me a gorgeous prophetic word and picture for them.  What a delight! My hands and heart were buzzing with excitement! Thankyou Father.xxxxx

They came out to reception and I handed her the paper card then went in.


My doctor and I then had an incredibly encouraging talk about the things God had been showing us, they crossed over so much it wasn’t funny. Thankyou God.

I shared with get about the Personal Trainer and after a bit,  we realized that even this might be a God setup. The person she used to refer people to had moved on.  She asked for me to get her a card. My guy had some major links to the man who she had known and trusted with her patients for years. Even some of their training and story were the same!! Thankyou God!

She then reassured me that if I was healthy enough to drive to him,  I was ok to exercise. Knowing that I rarely drive,  it was a strange thing to hear.

I told her that he was coming to my home! That way,  I could begin recovery immediately at home.

She then responded,  “You definitely need to get me a card then!lol” she had many patients who needed this kind of thing,  but couldn’t get there.  Praise God for His answers and resourcing…..

I left feeling so full, after an amazing confirmation yet again.

Heading home, I said to my chauffeur(apprentice) lol… let’s get Grandma some flowers.  It was just up the road and it felt like a prompting. So we popped into the market.

While there,  I saw the fresh rolls…(make some delicious salad rolls for Craig today)

Found the flowers.

Saw some sushi…(have a special lunch of the sushi with Craig)

Got out into the centre of the hub… saw another shop selling sushi…(get some sushi,  that’d be delicious)

Decided to ignore all things and just head out of the noisy cavern.

Got out to the car,  we stopped into Grandma’s and left her a surprise at home.

Then rang Craig to tell him about it. Chatted about it for a while….

Then he piped up and said

“Happy Anniversary honey”…

I’d totally forgotten and Holy Spirit had been trying to remind me all morning.

Thankfully  Craig had only just remembered too. Lolpexels-photo-400537.jpeg

On the way home dropped into our local bakery where I chatted to S…… we’ve been chatting, doing life for about 6 years now.  Today was the day that God decided to get real with us though. For the first time in years,  she opened up (really) and told me her story.  I cannot Express to you,  the depth of love and respect I feel for this woman…. and this has just heightened.

No details,  but it was a tender moment and one which had eyes welling up and a fresh depth of hope was invested into her today.

My heart is FULL.

Lord, you are truly AMAZING!!!!!



Now, let’s rest up a storm this arvo,  I’m beat.  Lol. God bless you in your own journeys with Him.. they’re never dull, that for sure!