Being present feels hard, but it’s a skill I want to perfect – because the advantages far outweigh the cost.
Family and friends feel valued, loved and respected.
Living present blesses others.
There’s a peace that comes with living present.
The pace of living this way is unrushed, unhurried and a far richer existence.
Living present fosters thankfulness, which releases health and good chemicals into my body.
When I’m too busy, I miss things that God has placed along the way for us to enjoy, together.
Living present means I value this day, minute and hour- each one a gift from Him.
I don’t want to miss a thing!
Thankyou for having a better way for us to live.
Thankyou that Your want us to thrive.
Thankyou that You’ve designed us uniquely to flourish and carry Your peace whatever comes.
Lord, we want to suck the marrow out of life.
We don’t want to miss a single thing that You have planned.
Please help us to navigate life in a way that works best for our design.

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