I am steadily realising that God is evident in all moments of every day,  as I choose to be aware of Him.

Day 3.

After a delicious breakfast,  we headed off to see the doctor. Hubby was now also struggling with a similar thing to our youngest,  but we had only one appointment.

As we walked into the waiting room of this quaint, light filled,  fresh room. I saw a vintage pew running along one wall.

I made my way over to reception as the guys went and sat down. What a privilege to thank Jeanette in person for her kindness to us the previous day.

She was as sweet in person as she was on the phone-I felt to ask if there was any chance of hubby being checked also.

She didn’t have any spare appointments but asked the doctor whether  he’d be willing to see both. Praise God he was.

What a thorough and warm doctor who checked both and advised us accordingly.  It was a very different experience to the usual feeling of being rushed.

The doctor was up for a chat about Melbourne and a trip he was making the following fortnight.

Incredibly he was able to treat both hubby and son in the 10 minutes space.  Thankyou God for Holy Spirit time!

Speaking with Jeanette once again,  I had to ask….. after sweetness and gentle,  calming spirit was so beautiful.


“Jeanette, you have to be a woman of faith!!!???!!”

Delighted to her core, she responded….

“Yes, I am! How did you know?”

Then I just realeased a word of encouragement over her. I told her how Jesus was so evident in her. That her presence in the clinic brought such a peace…etc…..

She was moved by God’s view of her.

We then chatted about churches to visit during our stay and she shared about her life here…we left as new friends.

Praise God for His provision of saints along our way.  For new friends. For an investment of peace in this hot, city environment.