Fit for BATTLE…fight

Recently in our local area there has been a string of traumatic, heavy events that have been mind blowing and life shattering.

I have been left asking God, what do we do in these situations.

How do we regain focus and restore balance to the shaken places of our hearts and minds.

This is what He put on my heart.

“It is time to be fit for battle my child.

The things you see with your eyes are heavy and if you allow those things to sit with and in you, you too will become burdened by them.

Come sit with me and release the emotion.

Come rest in me and hand over control of the circumstances.

Come breathe with me, trusting me with the people.

In the rest, I will breathe fresh life into you my precious one.

I have much to accomplish and redeem here…and my will is for these

hardships to be redeemed in my name.

It all feels overwhelming for you, that is because you weren’t meant to carry it.

Those heavy things are mine to deal with.

You need to ready yourself for battle.

The enemy has at times caught you off guard and feeling weak.

You have felt worn down and battle weary.

Let me tell you the truth of all of this.

I have made you STRONG in me!!!!

With me you have all things that can influence and shift the very things that burden you today.

I made you for relationship with me – and it is in this place that you will thrive, even amidst the battle.

Ready yourself child.

Put on my armour.

Be aware of what is going on around you.

Do not stand for any of it – anything that does not align with me and my Spirit.

Speak my truth over the misaligned places, declare me and my words over them.

Bind the things that are not found in heavenly places and let loose the things that are.

My Spirit roams the earth looking for places to rest.

Welcome Him into your homes.

Set up quiet and cleansed place inside your hearts.

Be still before me and ask me what the next step is for you.

It is so important to carry me with you into battle.

The resources of heaven are at your fingertips, you just need to know how to access and utilise what I have already given you.

I love you so dearly child, I see you struggling with the heavy and my heart weeps with you……

…..but I also laugh with you….laugh, because I see the days to come!!!!

Ask me to clarify what you are seeing and feeling.

Then ask me how I see it.

Often they are complete opposites.

Trust me with this my darling, I am Big enough to handle any stressor.

I am wide enough to carry and forgive your failings.

The very things that look to crush you today, are the things I will use as a stepping stone to lift you up into new places of freedom in me.

Do not fear the humble beginnings of learning how to trust me in the storm.

I am with you every step of the way, you are not alone.

Do not worry about the coming days and weeks, they will take care of themselves.

Stay with me in this moment right now, that is what is important, and then do what I prompt you to.

Choose my peace, over carrying the heaviness of things which are beyond your control.

I have the ability to turn this whole thing around and in fact it is my desire to.

Trust me child.

Trust that I have all things in my sights.

Put down your burdens…..take up my peace.

My peace is found in my presence, so come, sit with me a while in the rest.

Put on some worship music, as I know that helps you to sense me – then start to talk to me about it all, or write it down.

Take all that is within you and let it out of your body systems and your mind.

Then when you have released it all to me – leave it with me.

Many of you let it go, only to take it up again moments later.

This isn’t my desire for you child.

Leave it with me, then trust me with it.

Ready yourself for battle child.

Be strengthened in my presence for battle.

It is the very things that the enemy doesn’t understand, that fight the battle.

It’s the rest….prayer….trust…….faith…..forgiveness…authority…..all things that come in the opposite spirit to what grates upon you.

Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

I have promised this to you and I will bring it to fruition.

Trust me afresh in this moment child, you are not alone in this. I am with you, because I love you so deeply, beyond anything you have felt or experienced before now.

Come sit…..come rest…come and be refreshed and in these times, you will be crushing the very things that look to govern you now.

I am your peace.

I am your eye in the storm, except I go with you wherever you are.”