You might not have much,  but I sense the Lord saying-“What do you have in your hand already?”

The widow from 2 Kings 4:1-7 is teaching me sooooo much at the moment.

Her Godly husband had just died, creditors were about to come and take her son’s as their slaves, to settle the debt.

She was freaking out (as you would in that situation.)

Elisha drops by and asks her what she wants him to do about it? Then asks the key question “What do you have in your house already?”

It turns out that she had a little oil, but only that.  She only saw how little she had,

Elisha with his amazing faith and God view of the situation-set about telling her exactly what she needed to do.

Borrow all the jars,  vessels,  containers you can from your neighbors,  go inside, shut the door behind you and start pouring the oil.

Her faith was ignited by action.

As she collected the jars,  I wonder what she was thinking? Dare I hope?

Then to begin to pour the oil, more came,  the more she poured, the more that came. Jar after jar.  Oil are oil. Until the jars ran out.

I am challenged by the idea that my expectation of God can limit what He pours into me.  As I stare blankly at the lack,  nothing is activated.  Hope goes to sleep.  I feel helpless.

As I begin to gather the jars,  stir up expectancy of what God wants to do. My faith is also stirred.  My heart begins to dare to dream once more. Hope flutters it’s eyelids until it finds itself fully awake.

God used what was in her hand already to show His ability, to abundantly provide more than what she could have ever expected.  (I wonder if she had’ve brought all the jars from her town,  whether they too would have been filled? No doubt in my heart,  they would have.)


God, you astound me!!!

You work within our limitations and display your ability to make our little into your abundance.

Lord, please show me what you’ve placed already in my hand..then instruct me what to do with it.

I bring what I have in my hand to you and ask that you’d show me how to expect more. Bringing more jars for you to fill. How to use what you’ve given me.

Lord, I don’t want to allow lack to be my focus anymore,  but to only see the hope filled view of what you see. Please show me how, cause your ways are what I want to walk in.