thin white line

The Thin White Line

There’s a thin white line, where no one else exists.

There is no one else there, because it’s a place just between two.

There is no one else because they can’t help you anymore.

There is no one else, because they simply don’t belong there.

It’s not a lonely place though…..

It’s the place where it’s just God and I.


It’s a place of complete intimacy.

Where walls don’t exist.

Masks and protective barriers are removed, and the very essence of who I am, meets with

the one who created me.

There are no hurts in the thin white place.

No upset.

There might be tears, but they are soon turned to laughter or at least peace.

It’s the place where I choose to trust, just being there

Nothing required, no doing, just being.


Knowing that the one who knows me best, knows it ALL…knows me all…still chooses to love me deeply, so fully, so purposefully, so wonderfully

so exposed and yet… safe.

The thin white place is a place of trust.

Because I can let it all go.

I come carrying heavy, from today, yesterday or years ago and leave it with Him.

Him who can handle it for me.

This exposed, vulnerable place, increases the intimacy and the trust within it – all the while being the safest place I will ever know.


The thin white line is also my place of cleansing.

It’s a place where I can bring all the colours of the world around me and come out white.

I bring my brokenness, fears, rage, upset, offense, trauma and troubles and they are dealt with in that place.

It’s not a place where anyone else could exist because it would make these beautiful moments together, somewhat impossible.

It’s just God and I.

And that’s enough.

In fact, that’s plenty for me for eternity.

The thin white line represents my personal walk with the King of the Universe.

There is no other but Him.

Anyone else is just a shade of dirty cream which hides the shades of colour beneath.


The thin white line is quiet for the most part.

Even in the songs, the music, the dancing and conversations.

It’s the place where I am completely understood, never misconstrued, judged or condemned.

It is the place of full acceptance.

Full Love.

Full LIFE…..

It’s the place my Spirit longs to draw nearer to, knowing it’s home.

Yet other parts of me battle to remain independent, strong in my own right and fully “my” way.

There is no peace to be found there.


When it’s just God and I in the thin white place, it feels like heaven on earth….literally.

It’s like the sun came out and I lay, just soaking more of Him in.

When I step out from that place the rain can come out quickly and drench my heart….until I step

back into our place once more.

It’s the place full of peace, in the noise.

Love, when all around seem to hate.

Complete acceptance, when I am rejected or scorned.

Mercy pours out, when no one else seems to be able to care.

He is full of fun and joy, when the darkness and heavies close in.

Kind words and acts pour in, when there has only been hurt, pain and offense.

Hope abounds in all of it – nothing that is said lacks it, because He is all knowing and has beaten

death – not one thing can overcome Him…..and He and I when we are together.


The Thin White Line, well…’s a place of purity and exchange.

It’s the place I go to when all else fails, knowing that I could/should have gone there first!


The thin white place between just God and I – has ALL the answers I need and more.

I need to simply be and ask.

Something in me finds it hard, the idea of meeting my maker in that place.

But once I’m there, I wonder why on earth I didn’t come sooner!


The thin white place doesn’t require much, but honesty and a willingness to adopt, to let go and to be……not do.

The thin white place is the place where I can discover and check for myself who God say’s He is – it’s also the place where He proves Himself worthy of that trust time and time again.

It’s a place that can produce the most intimate and loveliest of all relationships, because He never lets me down.

He is fully complete, not lacking a thing.

When I think about this and for the times I choose to know that truth – He does not disappoint…ever!!!


The thin white place is a place of redemption. What was broken, traumatised and black is made white once more and life returns to the one once thought dead.

He and I together



Heavenly Exchanges

Ideas and Answers


Simplicity in complication


True friendship


Life abundant…..and sooooooo much more.

inspired view

It’s the place where faith is planted, watered, grown and ultimately harvested.

It all begins with Faith.

The thin white place is where I want to stay. It’s the place I get to be with my Dad and be fully me with complete approval and love.

As I dwell with God along the thin white line, a funny and amazing thing begins to happen.

The line begins to thicken.

Until the thin white line is no longer thin anymore, but a thick white line.

A thin line is something that I can be pushed off by trouble.

But……a thick white line….well… can push, but all I do is land on a different part of that thick white line. Lol.

Aaaahhh…..that thin/thick white line.

A revelation that God and I together can step out in our fully sweet space and that then enters and impacts the world around me. (A world that would have me nowhere near that thin white line – let alone on it.)

Pouring out the essence of who God is to me & in me, sharing with others the fullness of what He has given me in that personal place.

It makes others’ lives better. It brings them Hope. It brings them Joy. It brings heavenly answers to a problematic place. It brings God into the world once more.

The thicker the line, the greater the faith, the more the trust, communication and fully me, I actually AM!

If others could get but a glimpse of God and I.

They might, just might be inspired to meet Him themselves.

More Lord….oh more……..